Morally superior liars who thrive on fear (and attention).

The Truth About Guns has published a good short piece about what defines and drives gun grabbers.

In short: “…these people feed on media attention, irrational fears and, above all, ego to believe that their views feelings and fears trump your rights.”


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California Gun Owners Must Unite the Fight Long-term.

A summary of current anti-gun bills before the California legislatiure

A summary of current anti-gun bills before the California legislatiure

The Civilian Disarmament Tango is as American as Square Dancing. Both sides know the steps, the rhythm.

And so, as autumn approaches, the Conflator in Chief is ginning up the Civilian Disarmament Complex ™ to respond to Uncle “Double-Barrel” Joe’s promises to take another shot (…) at the Campaign to Strip Americans of their Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Continue reading

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Unite the Fight, California: July 20th

GRAA-CA has joined with CalGuns Sports Shooting Association, Calguns and Californians Opposing Gun Restrictions to form the California Fight For Liberty coalition.

In anticipation of the fight over the coming 18 to 24 months, and in recognition that all pro-Second Amendment organizations will have to work together, we will be hosting social informational and organizational gatherings throughout the state on July 20th, 2013.

The purpose of these events is for members of all California pro-Second Amendment organizations to meet their counterparts in other groups, become informed about the challenges this state faces as well develop connections to coordinate our efforts and execute strategies to preserve our Second Amendment Rights. Continue reading

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Fliers to distribute

Leland Yee's SB 108: Mandatory firearm locked storage.

Leland Yee’s SB 108: Mandatory firearm locked storage.

The fight is not over. The federal bills suffered a sounding defeat. But the war has just begun. It will be long. It will be ugly and the gungrabbers will employ every dirty trick to impose their misguided wills on the rest of us.

As a matter of fact, the Obama administration’s strategy was to deluge the legislative dockets at the federal and state levels in order to completely change the landscape of Second Amendment rights.

The sycophantic me-too Democrats in California were all too happy to oblige the President’s anti-constitutional agenda. Continue reading

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Firearms Rights Advocacy Groups to Protest in Sacramento on April 16th.

Press Release:

Los Angeles, CAFirearms rights groups representing over 160,000 gun owners from around the state of California announced today that they will conduct a citizen action in Sacramento on the day the Committee on Public Safety hears twelve proposed bills concerning firearms and ammunition.

Concerned members of three California organizations; Gun Rights Across America – California, Californians Opposing Gun Restrictions and CALGUNS Shooting Sports Association will come to Sacramento on April 16 for a day of citizen action at the Capitol. The groups will present testimony, stand in support of other witnesses testifying at the hearings and protest the proposed those bills being heard on April 16th, as well as over 40 other unconstitutional, anti-Second Amendment bills proposed this legislative cycle.

California legislators are bent on depriving Californians of their Second Amendment rights – in what can only be described as an exercise in out-legislating other states. The proposed legislation does not seek to remedy any existingproblems, but would only abridge law-abiding citizen’s Constitutional Rights.

This comes at a time when California’s and the nation’s gun crime rates have been on the decline since 1991. Additionally, an overwhelming majority of over 15,000 law enforcement professionals polled recently say that firearms, magazine and ammunition restrictions and regulation would do nothing to affect crime rates.

25% of Californians own guns responsibly and in compliance with existing laws. The proposed laws are unwarranted. They would infringe on Californian’s Civil Rights as protected by the Second Amendment and do nothing about crime. Continue reading

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