Firearms Rights Advocacy Groups to Protest in Sacramento on April 16th.

Press Release:

Los Angeles, CAFirearms rights groups representing over 160,000 gun owners from around the state of California announced today that they will conduct a citizen action in Sacramento on the day the Committee on Public Safety hears twelve proposed bills concerning firearms and ammunition.

Concerned members of three California organizations; Gun Rights Across America – California, Californians Opposing Gun Restrictions and CALGUNS Shooting Sports Association will come to Sacramento on April 16 for a day of citizen action at the Capitol. The groups will present testimony, stand in support of other witnesses testifying at the hearings and protest the proposed those bills being heard on April 16th, as well as over 40 other unconstitutional, anti-Second Amendment bills proposed this legislative cycle.

California legislators are bent on depriving Californians of their Second Amendment rights – in what can only be described as an exercise in out-legislating other states. The proposed legislation does not seek to remedy any existingproblems, but would only abridge law-abiding citizen’s Constitutional Rights.

This comes at a time when California’s and the nation’s gun crime rates have been on the decline since 1991. Additionally, an overwhelming majority of over 15,000 law enforcement professionals polled recently say that firearms, magazine and ammunition restrictions and regulation would do nothing to affect crime rates.

25% of Californians own guns responsibly and in compliance with existing laws. The proposed laws are unwarranted. They would infringe on Californian’s Civil Rights as protected by the Second Amendment and do nothing about crime.

About Gun Rights Across America – California:
Gun Rights Across America, and its California Chapter are committed to providing support for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as referenced in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. Our goal is to educate and advocate responsible gun ownership, while supporting law abiding citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights as prescribed by our Founding Fathers. Our objective is to ensure that law abiding citizens retain their rights through peaceful activism. GRAA-CA represents over 3,000 California gun owners.

About Californians Opposing Gun Restrictions:
Californians Opposing Gun Restrictions is a peaceful yet highly motivated grass-roots citizen-run organization established to combat the gun control agenda in California. COGR will be working with attorneys and legislators in the very near future to add a provision to the California State Constitution to protect the right to keep and bear arms in this state. We hope to be a uniting force for California gun owners and second amendment supporters. COGR represents 2,000 California gun owners.

About the Calguns Shooting Sports Association:
Calguns Shooting Sports Association (CGSSA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and expansion of the shooting sports and 2nd Amendment rights in California. We are California firearms owners, collectors, hunters, enthusiasts, competitive and recreational shooters and others interested in safe and legal shooting sports and firearms related activities. CGSSA represents the CALGUNS Shooting Community of 155,000 registered users.


Gun Rights Across America – California

Arthur Przebinda, State Organizer:
Daniel Silveman, State Organizer:
Eric Reed, National President:

Californians Opposing Gun Restrictions:

Stephanie Ayotte-Hardgrave, Co-founder:

Calguns Shooting Sports Association:

Jacob Rascon, President: Jacob@CGSSA.Org

Download press release:  Firearms Rights Advocacy Groups to Protest in Sacramento

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