California Gun Owners Must Unite the Fight Long-term.

A summary of current anti-gun bills before the California legislatiure

A summary of current anti-gun bills before the California legislatiure

The Civilian Disarmament Tango is as American as Square Dancing. Both sides know the steps, the rhythm.

And so, as autumn approaches, the Conflator in Chief is ginning up the Civilian Disarmament Complex ™ to respond to Uncle “Double-Barrel” Joe’s promises to take another shot (…) at the Campaign to Strip Americans of their Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

But while the national stage sees some of the most disgusting exploitation and race baiting over an already-misrepresented nature of the Zimmerman case, the statist thugs known as the California Democratic Party are, quietly and steadily, pushing on to realize their delusions of making the almost-broke-and-not-so-golden-anymore state into a rainbows-and-blue skies utopia which is intolerant of intolerance and individual differences. As if ideology-made-law will prevent the likes of Harrison Bergeron. ..

We called them ‘statists’, but they might as well be Ba’athist or Chinese Communists (well, at least one of them likely is).

In no other state is the need to dial up the vigilance and readiness against unconstitutional repressions more urgent than in California. We are facing a double whammy.

And that was the plan.

Biden lit up phone lines to various state legislature leaders and governors in the last few months, urging them to attack on the local front while he, The Non-Transparent One, Dianne “Early-Signs-of-Dementia” Feinstein, Chuckie “I-took-an-NRA-sharpshooting-class-at-camp-once” Schumer and Mayor Mike the Exempt pounded away at a national level.

Divide and conquer.

Meanwhile, the shelves of gun stores went bare and the NRA gained a million new members (a 25% increase from 4 million to 5 million). Methinks national referendums need not take place only at voting booths. Apparently retail receipts per month can be a very strong statement, as well.

But, back to California:

According to a fairly recent piece of Los Angeles Times biased propaganda, about 25% of Californians own guns.

That’s about 9,000,000 people.


And judging by what can be seen at the range on any given day, most of these people are not bitter clingers to their over-unders, 10/22s, Krags, Mausers and Mosin-Nagants.

Darrell Steinberg's idea of an "assault weapon". Under SB 374, it would be registered and destroyed upon owner's death.

Darrell Steinberg’s idea of an “assault weapon”. Under SB 374, it would be registered and destroyed upon owner’s death.

The statist thugs in Sacramento California legislature like to squeeze all semblance of dignity out of Californians as they rape their Constitutional Rights.

Microstamping. Magazine restrictions. Making modern sporting rifles “registered assault weapons” to be destroyed upon owners’ deaths. Doing same to your Mini14. Your Ruger 10/22. Ammunition surtaxes. Liability insurance. Background checks and permits to buy ammo. And ammo purchase limits…

But pedophiles are now “minor-attracted people“…


The activism landscape is varied here in California. Different groups have different opinions, philosophies and strategic goals. The key is to recognize that every group has a role to play. Each has a unique set of assets as well as a skill at which they are particularly good.

Thus, Unite the Fight.

Without stepping on anyone’s toes, UtF seeks to inform those gun owners who fall between the cracks or are out of the loop due to non-affiliation and get them Informed, Organized and Mobilized.

Each existing pro-Second Amendment group in this state can benefit from that.

Two events were held on Saturday, July 20th:

The Northern California event took place at Oroville Wildlife Area Shooting Range.

Among those present, Craig DeLuz from Cal FFL and Cal Guns proved to be a font of information and his presence yesterday was greatly appreciated.

The Southern California Event took place at Burro Canyon Shooting Park.

Visitors at both events were presented with summaries of the pending legislation and their implications, deadlines for citizen action as well as opportunities for interested gun owners to get involved in the effort.

While Unite the Fight was a single nationwide GRAA event, in California, it will be an ongoing campaign.

As goes California, so goes the nation. Writing this state off as a lost cause or “voting with your feet” makes as much sense as pounding a fifth of Jack each day while suffering fulminant cirrhosis. Or going sunbathing despite the that growing, oozing, black thing on your forehead. Or letting a newly-paroled sex offender move into the bedroom next to your kid’s room.

You get the point. The urge to disarm is like a cancer. And it WILL spread.

Those Californians interested in joining the fight can contact the participating groups:

We do have a role for dedicated gun owners.

There IS something Californians can do about the lunacy in Sacramento.

There IS something Californians can do about the lunacy in Sacramento.

If you do not live in California, do not write us off. Do not expose your back. Help us.

You can donate to a number of organizations such as the Calguns Foundation. You can also support us through the Firearms Policy Coalition.

If you are a member of the NRA, GOA, NAGR, SAF or any other national gun rights organization, tell your leadership that they need to send reinforcements to California.

As goes California, so goes the nation.

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